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For general inquiries, order returns, feedback & personal data inquiries, please feel free to contact us by sending an email or calling on the details provided below:

+64 (9) 200 5036 info@allnztrading..co.nz 20 Mihini Road, Henderson, Auckland

Premium Quality Guarantee

We proudly offer a 100% New Zealand Origin Guarantee! We have the privilege of securing the finest honey in New Zealand from top producers, ensuring that only the best reaches your table.

Unique Mānuka Factor UMF™ – Quality Certification

Manuka Science is a licensee of the UMFHA(Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association). The UMF™ rating system independently certifies natural components found in manuka honey to assure potency, purity, authenticity, & freshness.

Fern Mark Certification

The FernMark is a trademarked symbol used by the New Zealand government to signify and promote products that are authentically New Zealand. It's a visual identifier that showcases the connection of a product to New Zealand, representing the country's qualities such as innovation, reliability, and integrity.