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For general inquiries, order returns, feedback & personal data inquiries, please feel free to contact us by sending an email or calling on the details provided below:

+64 (9) 200 5036 info@allnztrading..co.nz 20 Mihini Road, Henderson, Auckland

Unique Mānuka Factor - Quality Certification

Manuka Science is a licensee of the UMFHA(Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association). The UMF™ rating system independently certifies natural components found in manuka honey to assure potency, purity, authenticity, & freshness.

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Scientifically tested Authentic Mānuka Honey

We are proud offer you scientifically tested, authentic Mānuka honey products. We are passionate about bring you the finest Manuka honey from the pristine landscapes of New Zealand.

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Explore Our World of Mānuka

We invite you to explore our range of Mānuka honey products, carefully crafted to enhance your life. Whether you're seeking a natural remedy, a delicious addition to your culinary creations, or simply a taste of pure, unadulterated nature, Manuka Science has something to offer you.

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Enjoy Mānuka Honey

Pure Wellness from the Heart of Nature's forest

Manuka honey is a unique and remarkable gift from nature, created by honeybees foraging on the Manuka tree's blossoms, which thrive in the pristine landscapes of New Zealand.