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New Zealand Mānuka Honey

We are proud to introduce you to the incredible world of New Zealand propolis, a natural treasure with remarkable health benefits. Our carefully curated collection of propolis products harnesses the pure and potent properties of this extraordinary substance, bringing you the best that New Zealand's pristine environment has to offer.

Nature's Gift

Mānuka honey is nature's gift to us, a harmonious blend of the Mānuka flower's nectar and the skilled work of bees. Each blossom plays a role in creating this honey's distinctive flavor and potential health benefits.

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The Grading Standard: UMF and MGO

Mānuka honey is not just any honey; it's a honey with science-backed benefits. Its unique antibacterial properties are measured using two grading systems: Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) and Methylglyoxal (MGO). These ratings ensure you receive the purest and most potent Mānuka honey possible.

Quality Assurance

Manuka Science is a proud member of the UMF Honey Association (UMFHA).


Elevating Wellness, Family Health, and More

Manuka honey offers several potential health benefits for family well-being. It is a natural and versatile product that can be incorporated into various aspects of family health.


Pure Wellness from the Heart of Nature's forest

Manuka honey is a unique and remarkable gift from nature, created by honeybees foraging on the Manuka tree's blossoms, which thrive in the pristine landscapes of New Zealand.